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23-Apr-05 Adding Blower Oil

The Blower Gets Some Fake Oil

Welcome to the first article in a 28-part series on adding blower oil. Okay, I may be exaggerating a little ;)
ImageMy choice of oil didn't come from tons of research on blower lubricants or synthetic vs. petroleum oils. Instead, I relied solely on the recommendation of the blower's builder, Everett Hohn who passed away in January 2003. If "Ev" said that's what I should use then that's good enough for me. He rebuilt more blowers in his lifetime than most of us have seen in magazines or otherwise since birth.

Everett recommended using 80w-90 synthetic gear oil but the closest I could find locally was 75w-90. That's close enough. Before I bought it I gave Joe Ceretti a call to make sure I remembered correctly. Everett built Joe's blower just prior to mine and he verified Everett's recommendation. He has over 10,000 miles on his Blown Hemi ‘34 Dodge and it runs real strong.

It was only after the fact, when I went to write this article, that I did any research on gear oil for blowers (superchargers) at all. What I found was interesting. There are some manufacturers who recommend synthetic and others who don't. The naysayers argument is that synthetic is too thin and can leak through the seals. They mostly recommend straight 90 weight. The go-fast guys like the synthetic and will back it up with improved HP figures due to less friction. I personally feel that synthetic oils are superior to their petroleum counterparts. When the engine is broken in and has a couple thousand miles on it, it too will be bathed in artificial oil.
ImageDo you remember the little red pressure release valve that we inserted into the front blower housing in the November 1999 article [Rebuilding a GMC 6-71 Blower Part 7]? (It's about the 4th photo down) It was temporarily removed to add the oil.

The oil we're adding is used to lube the front bearings and rotor gears. The rear blower cover has sealed bearings that I modified with grease/release zerks back in the April 2001 article [Lubing Blower Bearings Part 2] so that end doesn't need oil.
ImageYou can see the oil level is at half full when the case is filled to the proper level. I suppose to some people the case is half empty. The engine has been run several hours at this writing and the blower is leak-free as far as I can tell. Everett, if you're still following the project, this one's for you buddy!