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26-Apr-00 Project33’s New Rollers are Ready!

Yeah Baby!

Here they are! This is the kind of stuff that makes me pinch myself to make sure I'm not dreaming – or maybe I should say the stuff dreams are made of! I'm thrilled with the way the new Billet Specialties wheels look and with the look and fit of the Nitto tires. These wheels have brought Project33 to a new level. This is the look I envisioned when the car was originally conceived. Now I just need to hide the invoices from my wife and life will hopefully continue to be good. ;)
ImageThe rear tires measure the same width as the “old” Mickey Thompson's (12.5-inches wide) and sit right at 31-inches tall. The width is misleading because of the 1 ½-inches extra height over the Mickey T's. The fronts are about 23-inches high and 7 ½-inches wide. They are the same height as the “old” 185/60R14's. If you don't like the tread, give it time - it grows on you.
ImageNow you can tell, I'm really pumped! I can't wait to see these on the car. The frame has now been “blown” apart to be finish welded and primed, so it might be a while before they're on the car. In the mean time they make great decorations in our conference room. :)

I think we've found just the right wheel/tire combination to keep a traditional feel but with some high-tech thrown in for good measure. The rears have some side wall height to keep from having the rubber-band tire look with enough width to give an aggressive appearance and the fronts are, as my wife said, “cute”. The car should have a substantial rubber rake when it's finished. That's a Hot Rod! RRR