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03-Feb-07 Relocating the Idle Air Controller Part 2

The need for long, straight, deserted roads

ImageThe other side is open to the driver's side butterfly. Normally both outside barrels are blocked off in a small block application, but because this engine was designed to breathe (with the ported and polished Brodix Track-1 heads) the guys at BDS suggested running two open barrels. That's 2400 CFM of airflow! Imaging running four Carter 600 4-barrel carburetors – that's what it equates to.
ImageI've decided to add a second plate with a custom mount for the IAC and only use the center butterfly. That's 1200 CFM (two 600 4-barrels) so I really think it will have enough air and probably run even better. As it is, with two functional, the throttle is SUPER touchy. When you want to take off from a stop and flow with traffic, there's always the possibility that I'll launch into the car ahead if I don't leave enough space (or sneeze, or hiccup, or even have the slightest twitch).

Of course when you give it air it calls for more fuel and with the tremendously poor fuel economy the car is currently experiencing, I'd say a little less air would be a good thing. The interesting thing however is that because the car is computer controlled, it knows EXACTLY what to do with all that fuel and air. Punching the accelerator is like flipping an on/off switch. There's no wrap-up, it's at redline in a fraction of a second, scorching the back tires before they even have a clue to what just happened. It's totally insane.
ImageSo, with the leaks fixed, the IAC dumping air at idle into the center of the hat (instead of through a foot of pipe) and only one 3-5/8 inch opening to breathe through, idle should be much smoother, the ugly IAC will be hidden and fuel economy and drivability on the street should be much better. Boy I'm glad I decided to remove the injector hat! I have a really good feeling about this. With those two nagging issues fixed the car should be MUCH better to drive. As it was it was no fun unless you could open it up and nothing was in your way. Unfortunately that's not common place in normal daily driving.

ImageWe rented a 2007 GMC Yukon Denali last weekend to take the kids and their friends to St. Paul, MN to a Justin Timberlake concert. We knew that 7 adults and luggage wouldn't fit in the Durango and I thought it would be fun to drive something else for a change. It was! The 6.2 liter Vortec V-8 and 6-speed automatic transmission worked great and we ended up with a combined city/highway mileage that was a full 2 MPG better than THE BEST highway mileage our Durango has ever had. I asked the people at Dodge why Durango's get such poor fuel economy and they said they thought it was gearing. I think it's more than that. Anyway, the heated seats, DVD and power goodies were a big hit and it was a blast to drive something new. We'll never own one however because we so seldom need a vehicle that big and when we parked it in the garage it was so long that we couldn't open the door to the refrigerator in front of it!