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12-Apr-07 Relocating the Idle Air Controller Part 4

Ready to reassemble!

The welder did an excellent job!
ImageI drilled an 1-1/4 inch hole under the hat to route the wires and for the IAC to breath from at idle.

I was going to create a more elaborate opening but why? I decided to take the easy route. The hole is big enough to get the IAC wiring plug through it.
ImageThe next step was to repair where the original plate was cracked with more JB Weld and to seal the new plate between its welds with JB Weld.
ImageI know better than to trust only the JB Weld, so windshield ribbon was pushed into the area around both block-off plates from the outside. This way any suction leak will pull the sealant into the opening. That's the idea anyway.
ImageThe blocked off barrels were sprayed with BBQ black to hide the fact that they're blocked off. Of course, this is not something you will see anyway, unless the engine is off.