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12-Apr-07 Relocating the Idle Air Controller Part 5

Breathing Easy

The injector hat was reinstalled and the IAC wires were routed up into the open hole underneath. It's tough not to end up in every photo when everything is so reflective!
ImageYou can barely see the IAC plugged in at the back of the opening.
ImageNo more bathroom plumbing! A plug was threaded into the original opening for the IAC and it's much cleaner looking now.
Here's the engine as it looks today. I haven't had a chance to fire it up because I still have the exhaust to reinstall and shifter to hook back up. Otherwise the transmission is in, the IEF is back on and with a couple more hours of work it will be ready for summer – if summer ever comes! It's the middle of April and we just received another 8-inches of snow! I was reading an article the other day about street rodder's in Alaska and how they only have 5 months of decent cruising weather and I found my self envying them.