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05-May-00 Installing Brake Bulkhead Fittings

Brake Bulkheads - Easy as Pie!

ImageInstalling brake bulkheads is as easy as pie – in fact its much easier! The hardest part of this procedure was parting with $18 for a new 9/16 –inch drill bit. A brake bulkhead is simply a tube that is placed in the frame to run brake lines/fluid through the frame rails. This gives a super clean appearance especially on an open wheel car.

Bulkheads are available for 2-inch and 2.5-inch wide frame rails through Yogi's, Inc. -part no. SS1502. They come as a set of two. This frame required the 2-inch bulkheads. The lines and hoses screw in each side of the bulkhead and the fluid runs through them. They become a principal part of your brake system when finished.
ImageThe first step to installing these is to locate the ideal place to put them. You can see the small “X” I marked on the frame. To make sure they wouldn't interfere with the steering, I cranked the wheels so the tire was as close to the frame rail as possible before I decided on the final location. It looked best when placed between two of the inner fender boltholes. I also checked first to make sure I could get the hose length I wanted. The hose should be sized so it will not pull or bind but short enough that it doesn't make a complete loop (for looks). I ended up getting 14-inch Heidt's Rod Shop Superride stainless braided hoses. Braided hoses are required for Wilwood brakes but they also look nicer than black rubber hoses.
ImageThis photo shows the passenger side hole after it was drilled. I drilled each hole straight through the frame. Make sure you don't have your drill at an angle or your hole might end up somewhere other than the spot you selected on the other side of the frame.
ImageThe bulkhead is inserted in the frame, tightened from the backside and locked in place with the nuts that come with the fitting. This is the driver side after installation. Note that the bulkhead is placed in the center of the frame directly between two inner fender boltholes.
ImageThe bulkhead fitting can be seen between the shock and the tire in this photo. I plan on using these fittings in the rear also but because I'm not sure yet on hose length and clearance in the rear, I will add the bulheads after the frame is painted and while I'm doing final frame and brake line assembly.

I know this is not the “correct” way to do this but I'm a rebel. :)