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16-May-00 Finish Welding the Frame Part 1

Finish Welding the Frame Part 1

ImageJoey Keyman didn't waste any time getting to work welding the frame. I snapped a couple pictures of him welding some of the areas that required the frame to be right side up. Here he has welded the front shock/headlight mounts and is welding the master cylinder mounting plate and pedal attachment points.
ImageHere's Joey laying down a nice bead on the rubber snubber mounts. These are welded only from the topside.
ImageAfter we flipped the frame over I drilled the holes for the transmission mount. My drill wouldn't fit under the car when it was right side up so I clamped the bracket in place and waited to drill the holes when the frame was upside down.
ImageJoey loses his welding mask for a moment to contemplate his next plan of attack.
ImageThe small rear cross member (for the brake line to run across) is finish welded in place.
ImageHere's a little example of Joey's welding skills. This guy can lay down a pretty bead!