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09-Nov-04 Back from SEMA 2004 Part 2

Leaving Las Vegas

I took a few Vegas pictures like this one. This was sunrise from our hotel window. No, I wasn't just going to bed - it was Thursday morning at 5am and my wife had just left for the airport to head home. I stayed until Sunday so I could help load my car on Saturday. Wednesday night we came back to the hotel about 10pm. Two other couples arrived at the same time. They were all dressed up, in their late twenties or early thirties and were already having a good time (slightly inebriated).

The next morning at 5am one of the women was lying in the automatic door going into the hotel lobby/casino with the door continually opening and closing against her. Her high heels were long gone, exposing her now filthy feet and the rest of her was a mess. Her date (also barely functional but at least he wasn't passed out) was trying to pick her up. When he and a security guard finally propped her up against the door, it opened back up sending the limp couple crashing back to the floor. I wonder if they'll remember where/how they got all their cuts and bruises. Welcome to Las Vegas! There's a saying... "What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas". They'll need it.

I'm going to break that rule (or bend it a little) because this is too funny. We went to Coyote Ugly one night. That's the bar they made a movie about where the girls dance on the bar. It was packed – standing room only. Three girls were dancing on the bar and we recognized one of them! Here we were, thousands of miles from home and we saw our babysitter dancing on the bar! Of course our kids are older now and it's been a while since we've needed a babysitter but we couldn't help but wonder... when our youngest daughter (the dancer) was about four years old she told us she wanted to be an exotic dancer. She didn't know what that meant but it sounded "exotic" and we wondered where she'd heard it. She's since lowered her sights and wants to be just an ordinary dancer. We now have an idea who planted the seed. "Did you guys ever dance on the kitchen counter when she came over to baby-sit?" :)
ImageWe spent an afternoon the day before the show in the desert outside Las Vegas at a place called Bonnie Springs. This photo was taken from a speeding vehicle going down the highway on the way back. The reflection of the other buildings on the strip at sunset was pretty cool.
This is the best picture I have of Bob and his wife Sandy (in the tub) and my wife and I. We had a wild time - as you can see :)

Highlights of the trip for me (besides the show) mostly revolve around food. If you've never tried the buffet at Mandalay Bay – do it! It will be the best $24 meal you've ever had. All that eating and my new pants still fit! I am a lucky guy! :)

One last thing; unlike Sioux Falls, SD, it seems the majority of Las Veganites are from somewhere else. I ran across very few people who were born and raised there. There's also a healthy ethnic mix. A nice Asian woman who liked to talk piloted the taxi to the airport when I was leaving Vegas. I could only make out about 3/4 of what she was saying because of her strong accent. She said she'd lived in Vegas for five years so I asked her where she was from. She said "Oklahoma" :)