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16-Nov-04 Outdoor Photos Before it Snows Part 2


The awesome paint, bodywork and 3D flames really make the car thanks to Bob Schmeichel (body and paint), James Mayer (flames) and PPG (paint). This is an area that can make or break a car and I think they did an exceptional job. I didn't originally intend to farm this out but I'm really glad I did. There's no way I could have done as nice a job.

Below is a shot from under the car. I need to get it on a hoist to take some more detailed shots. Xlerator Mufflers were at SEMA and the guys thought this was a pretty cool use of their 1-in, 2-out muffler. I'm not finished with the exhaust yet. I ran wire so we can add a couple NOWEEDS exhaust diverters. We should be installing them soon!
When I told my wife that I was going to pull it back up the driveway and into the garage with my riding mower she thought I was cracked. Twenty horsepower is a lot more than the four people-power that's been propelling it so far. I used a piece of really strong hot air balloon line that I had lying around to tie it to the mower. She steered the car (in fact she's in there) and the mower worked great!

Oh yeah, speaking of the mower... you can just barely see our brand new mailbox behind the car at the end of the driveway. On the afternoon that I came home from SEMA we decided to rake and mow the yard. This included cleaning leaves out of all the landscaping and decorative rock, etc. so it took all afternoon. About the time I was half finished mowing the sun went down and it got real dark (and cold!). The mower has headlights so I continued (rather fast) in an effort to get finished.

I'm not used to the bagger and it sticks out on each side of the mower. As I went by the mailbox the bagger caught the 4x4 post and snapped it right off at the base. It sent it flying! It came crashing down in the street crushing the metal box and tearing out the rivets on the door in the process. In a matter of seconds I'd completely ruined the mailbox and post – I literally mowed it over! I had to laugh – it didn't even faze the mower (or the bagger) and I don't think anyone was watching.
ImageYou may remember the photos of my hotrod mower from the April 2003 Progress Uproot I mean Update. Now I'm not saying it's unbeatable but checkout the burnouts it left behind while pulling the car. I had to slip the clutch in 1st to get it to hookup or she'd break `em loose in a cloud of smoke! I'd install a Detroit Locker but I'm afraid the lawn would suffer ;)

I hope to post the first of the final assembly articles later this week but we have parent/teacher conferences and a birthday party to go to first. I was going to do it tonight but I need to call it a night. Hang tight!