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19-Dec-07 Seatbelt Mounts Part 2

Getting Belted

ImageHere's a picture of the upper mounts in place. The wires with the connectors that run along the role cage are the sending wire and ground for the fuel level gauge. Boy, I need to dust my roll cage! :)
ImageThis is one of the floor mounts. Looks like I also need to vacuum!
And here are the belts installed. We’re now ready to finish off the area behind the seats – again. I didn’t bother to show you the first rendition because it was pretty much always known that it was a temporary thing. The one bad thing about the belts is that they have no retractors. In other words they’re a pain to setup if you’re a passenger (mine stay great unless I eat too much) and once you’re buckled in, you can’t reach anything – not even the key! I have yet to find a set of retractable 4-point harnesses. I can’t believe they’re not available somewhere.