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19-Dec-07 Finishing Behind the Seats Part 2

Forming interior trim

ImageThe poster board template was then carefully removed and transferred to a piece of cardboard (waterboard).
ImageI purposely left some extra cardboard at the top and bottom of the cardboard. This cardboard is being used as a backer for a fiberglass piece we will create. By leaving a little extra, I can then cut the piece to size. I didn't add any to the ends because I'm going to form this piece in the car.
ImageTwo layers of fiberglass cloth were cut to the same size as the cardboard.
ImageThe leather wind lacing was covered with duct tape and the interior was taped and papered in preparation. Fiberglass resin gets everywhere so everything was carefully masked and covered.
The piece was fastened in place with a few little gobs of windshield adhesive and masking tape and soaked good with resin before the layers of glass cloth were applied.