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19-Dec-07 Finishing Behind the Seats Part 4

More texture

ImageThe piece was difficult to work on without it flexing too much, so I clamped it to a board.
ImageThe piece follows the curves of the interior perfectly, for a gap-free fit. The cardboard backing was coated with resin over to seal it up and smooth it out.
ImageAfter the top and bottom edges were sanded smooth and straight, a thick coating of fiberglass resin was applied to the edge to seal it.
The piece was now ready to be painted with black texture paint to match the leather, just as I did throughout the rest of the interior and trunk.

Strips of windshield adhesive where used to hold the new panel in place. I was never thrilled about how the temporary pieces I made before SEMA fit along the headliner, so doing it this way assures me that they'll fit like a glove – and they do. The rounded lower corners will slip up under the new piece I just added.