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19-Dec-07 Finishing Behind the Seats Part 5

Got it covered!

ImageThe curved speaker grilles that I fabricated earlier could be used again.
ImageI wanted to bolt them in place and since they were already covered with nylon grille cloth, I used an old soldering iron to melt holes through the cloth and plastic ring. Drilling a hole would only rip the cloth and wrap it around the drill bit.
ImageThe holes were carefully laid out before they were melted through.
ImageThis is how the finished grille looks after it is mounted on the new side panel.
ImageWith the speaker grilles installed, the side panels were ready to snap in place. There's nothing harder than trying to take a picture of a black interior. Using a flash bleaches it out and makes it look gray and without a flash requires a long exposure time. The photo below is possibly the best photo I have of how the rear area looks when it's together.

As for how it was mounted… Velcro. Lots of Velcro. I've pondered several ways to make covers for the upper seatbelt mounts to cover where they come out of the panels, but haven't decided on any one method. I've played with using computer mice (cut apart and painted to match the interior), telephone receivers and several other things but I haven't found that perfectly shaped thing that jumps out at me and says “This is it!”, so I'm still looking.

I also have yet to insulate the area behind the seats. That's another thing I've been pondering and just plain putting off. I have everything to do it and a basic plan but it requires pulling the seats and all the panels behind them again and I just haven't been able to get motivated enough to do it. This area is "good enough" for now but needs to be completely finished some day to be at the same level as the rest of the car. I may end up selling the car first.