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19-Dec-07 Engine Management System Settings

Taking the easy way out

I guess I've put off writing this article long enough. With every article I've written throughout this project, I've tried to be as informative as possible without totally boring the reader. I've researched my "facts" to make sure I was correctly relaying the information – or at least to the point that I believe the information was correct. This meant that I had to understand the basics of fluid dynamics, a little chemistry and a few other things that if I didn't need to explain them here on the site, wouldn't have been at the top of my list of things I need to learn.

One of the things I've struggled with is the DFI (Digital Fuel Injection) as Accel calls it or EFI (Electronic Fuel Injection) as most refer to it. The general theory is quite simple; a computer controls fuel, air, idle, cooling fans, torque converter lockup and other critical areas and it does it all at warp speed, making split second adjustments constantly so that everything runs at its optimum. It sounds so simple.

My research began ages ago and I quickly found out that if I were to cover all aspects of the EFI system and document how and why its setup as it is on Project33, that I could fill another website almost this large with just the EFI information, screen shots and settings. It's mind boggling really – there's just so much to cover, and to be honest... I STILL don't understand it all!

I guess there are just some things I'll never be able to do, like setting up an EFI system and laundry. Some concepts are just too complex for me to wrap my little brain around. So, I'm taking the easy way out and pleading insanity stupidity. If I took screen shots of the setup and tried to explain them, it would probably be all wrong and who's to say that any of it would ever apply to another application.

That said, the EFI article still needs to be written, so I decided to give you Accel's instruction manual and some basic information. Keep in mind that this is the GEN7+ booklet that applies to the version that I am running. A newer version could be available by the time you read this. The manual covers everything exactly as I would have done it (yeah, right) so it makes sense to not try rewriting it. Click here to download the manual in Adobe PDF format. (warning: it's a huge file)
By default some of the features and settings in the Accel DFI software are "grayed out" and cannot be adjusted without a special "key" that fits in your computer’s printer port. This is similar to the licensing "keys" used by companies like AutoCad.
ImageWhen you plug it in, there is access to the previously "grayed out" fields and menus. I ended up getting the Sportsman Key and the Pro Key as each opens different features. Some refer to these as "power keys".

Fortunately there are those who are as good at EFI tuning as I am at eating. Joey Keyman from Excessive Autosports is one of those knowledgeable people. He's spent several days tuning the car on his wheel dyno and driving it around to get it running as nicely as it does today. You can just hop in, turn the key, fire it up and go. It idles nicely now and performs incredibly. I've never driven a car with this much power and acceleration on tap.