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19-Dec-07 Wrapping up the Project

Time to say goodbye

So, this about wraps up the build-up articles. Yup, this is the last one. I think I've covered just about everything. I hope this site has shown others that building a quality street rod is really just a lot of smaller projects rolled into one cool end result and that all it takes is patience, some research and a little "sticktoitivness" to follow through and not give up. An understanding wife and a plate of warm cookies from time to time helps too.

It's been fun hanging out in the garage with a global audience but it's been a little like living in a glass house. People I meet seem to know everything about me and I know nothing about them. This project was a little one-sided that way, but I did meet (if not in person, through email) a bunch of great people during this build and I'm hoping they'll keep in touch and keep sending me photos of their projects when they can.

Will I build another car? Probably. Will I build it on-line? Probably not. It more than doubles the time involved. What will the next project be? Who knows – I just know it can't be a Corvair if I want to stay married. Did I enjoy the build? Immensely! Did the car turn out like I'd hoped? Better! (actually a bit too nice) Did I learn anything? Of course. Every project is a learning experience. That's part of the fun. Will the website stay up? Yes, as long as possible. Will the build be available on CD-ROM? Yes, look for it on the site in January 2008. It will also contain the entire build in printable form.

As I close this chapter of the project, I want to once again thank all the great vendors, manufacturers, shops and friends who helped with their time, expertise and top-notch products. This is truly a great hobby filled with awesome people! The aftermarket automotive industry in general is one of the best industries on the planet.

In the words of the late Red Skelton; "Good night, and may God bless" and thanks for sticking around! I hope you enjoyed it as much as I have. This is Scooter signing off.