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Whitness the first fire-up of Project33 with all the smoke, noise, cheering, pizza and laptops.

Download the Startup Video
(8.7MB  WMV file)

This is a short clip of the car going down the road on one of it's first trips out of the garage. The first 700R4 transmission only survived this short drive.

Download theTestdrive Video
(4.5MB  WMV file)

Here's a ride-along video when the car had a couple hundred miles on it. I've received a lot of grief about not smoking the tires and giving her hell, but hey... it only had a couple hundred miles on it and all the bugs weren't worked out yet.

Download the Ride Along Video
(19.91MB  ZIP file)


I park the car on shop rags to keep the tires from marking the floor. Here's what happened when I decided to shoot a video of the car pulling out of the garage :)

Download the Shop Rag Video
(526KB WMV file)

Project33 was on Street Rodder TV (ESPN2) from the HHR show in Indy. The very first time I'd driven the car was from the trailer to its spot at the show.It was totally fresh and had NO BRAKES, NO Steering on the slick floor and NO STALL! All this with high dollar cars, parts and trade show booths to avoid! A memorable 1st drive :)

Download the ESPN2 Video
(2.03MB WMV file)

This is the last video taken 9/30/07 of the new exhaust note and to show how nicely the car starts and runs now that it is tuned to perfection. The car had 817 miles on the odometer when it was put away for winter a month later. It's still a fresh car.

Download the Exhaust Video
(2.86MB WMV file)