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Project33 Wallpaper!


Now that the car is finished there have been a few requests for some large shots to use as wallpaper. These were taken with a normal South Dakota autumn backdrop.

Got Flames?
I think this is one of Project33's most recognizable attributes. The hood scoop and side openings by SAR and the flames by Klockwerk's James Mayer are simply incredible.


How about a shot of the business end of Project33? Yes, that is actually the moon (a harvest moon) in the background! It wasn't planned but it couldn't have been better if it were.

Project33's 720HP blown and fuel injected 383 stroker in all its glory! So you want to hear it too? In that case, here's a sound file for you!


Shot in South Dakota at dusk in October. Special thanks goes out to the moon for cooperating during the shoot. I snapped these photos away hurriedly before the sun went completely down.

From the archives... This photo was taken just before final assembly. You can see the color-sanded door in the background. It's fun to look back on.

Can you smell the leather? Here's an interior shot with the Dakota Digital instrumentation glowing and the Eclipse Nav system set to the backup camera. Just makes you want to slide down into those formfitting Tea's Design seats and take off! (well it does it for me anyway ;)

Grab a creeper and slide under Project33 for a look around! The only thing missing is the sound and smell of the exhaust. This is a clean as it will ever be - it was built to be driven!

Here's one of the first outdoor photos taken of the completed car. This photo is probably the most accurate one to date of the actual color of the car. Of course your color settings may make it appear different.

I made this for myself long ago and a few of my friends suggested I make it available to all of you to download. I set my personal screen up with the icons to the left as shown, so I left the side empty for that reason.
Pick your screen size below.


Here's the latest Project33 artist's rendering from John Vernon from available as computer wallpaper. The icons fit nicely along the bottom of your screen.

Download Project33 wallpaper with a classic shot of a hood side panel being welded at Steve's Auto Restoration. special thanks go out to Steve Frisbie for the excellent photo!

Look'in BAD in BLACK! This wallpaper shows Project33 back in primer and gel-coat. The icons fit nicely along the left side of your screen.

Look'in BAD in BLACK from the BACK! This is the wallpaper for those of you who prefer rear ends, showing off the business end of Project33 in primer and gel-coat. The icons fit nicely along the left side of your screen.

I couldn't resist offering this classic night time garage photo as a desktop wallpaper. The frame was in the paint booth behind the body and we were taking a break between coats when this photo was taken.

Original Artwork!
Download the original artwork by John Vernon in 8x10 high resolution. Print them off on a good quality glossy paper and they're suitable for framing! For best results, print them using the "landscape" setting. 
  - Thanks John!
The first rendering
(342kb) zipped file
Latest rendering "A"
(356kb) zipped file
Latest rendering "B"
(315kb) zipped file