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This car is being built by a non-professional street rod enthusiast, just like many of you. I'm a fulltime Internet developer and webmaster for several street rod companies.

Building started in September of '99 in the back room of our bicycle shop with periodic help from 5 of of the shop's employees. In October 2000 the bicycle shop closed it's doors (after 30 years) and the shop became a 4400 square foot street rod garage.

We moved in May of 2001 and today it continues to be built in our 3-stall garage with the help of whoever I can con into coming over or bribe with promises off free food and beverage.

I'm just an average guy with average tools so what I do here could be done by most anyone. Where special talents or tools are needed I'll seek outside help.

This is my second Street Rod project, so please don't take anything I do as the only way (or right way) to do it. Please feel free to email me if you see something I'm doing wrong and let me know. Any suggestions are also welcome, especially from veteran rodders. If you'd like to view my "last" project, follow this link. I sold that car at the Back to the 50's 1998 to finance this project.

Scott Nelson (aka Scooter)