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Want to know what's up with Project 33? This area is updated monthly to let you know where we're at with the project. The latest Articles are featured in the What's New? area of this site and are in reverse chronological order. To follow the build up  from "day 1", go to the From the Start link and keep clicking on "Next Article". To view Articles on a particular subject, use the Search option of this site with the area you wish to explore as your keyword.

  01/01/05 Update

Happy New Year!

Last Friday I just got used to writing `04 on my checks and now it's changing once again but 2005 should be an awesome year!

John Vernon (from Rod Visions) and I keep in touch and check on the progress of each other's rides on a regular basis. His e-mail this morning contained this suggestion:

"If I may make a suggestion on your website..
The 'Progress Editorial' is now a great way to tell folks what is currently happening with your ride. Not Articles, just an update. Grammatic editorials are cool, but I for one would love to know the present status!"

He's right! I thought an excerpt from my reply to him might make a good update, so here it is (slightly edited and expanded for clarity).

December's progress editorial had nothing about the car because the car has been sitting gathering dust since SEMA. I haven't even thought about it for over a month, I was so sick of it. I would never be good at jamming on project after project like the "pro's" do. I get burned out if I log too many stress-filled hours of work with a deadline carved in stone. Since then I've been trying to catch up on all the work I missed when I took the month and a half off to finish the car. I've been exhausted.

I literally only had one week to finish the entire interior. I'm just now looking forward to getting back in the garage and working on it again. I want the interior, the sound and feel of the doors latching, etc. to all be perfect.

I'm seriously considering going on Power Tour this year with my wife and youngest daughter. Ross from Dakota Digital will pull their big trailer so if we break down (we won't!) the car can be hauled. Someone would take turns riding in the Suburban with Ross & Teri. They're a couple we hang with a lot so it should be a fun time. Teri has a house in Florida close to where Power Tour ends. We'd play around there for a day or two and trailer the rod back home.

The only thing right now is the expense. Motels for a week (probably over $100/night), meals out, fuel for a car that gets "who knows what" for gas mileage, Power Tour T-shirts, Cherry Coke, etc... could be spendy. I also don't want to rock chip or damage the car but the adventure of doing a Power Tour would be worth a few rock chips.

Tomorrow it's back up on the stands taking up two stalls of the garage and the Durango will sit outside for the rest of the winter :(

A new ECU (gen 7) should ship from Accel in the next week. I'm adding a knock sensor and repining the existing wire harness to work with the new computer. Should be a hoot ;) Then I'm handing it over to Scott Sehr and Joey Keyman to get running while I sit back like an expectant father with a digital video camera recording every last byte. The uncut footage will be available only on the CD and DVD to give them added value (and because of bandwidth concerns on the web).

I had the guys from B&M checkout my shifter when the car was at SEMA. It's definitely defective (takes Godzilla to shift it and feels loose) and being the cool company that they are they offered to make it right - actually, better than right. They offered to exchange it for ANY shifter they make! (they liked the car)

I'm leaning toward their "Street Bandit" shifter because it feels so precise. The body is machined from a 7lb. block of aluminum and it's smooth as silk. The only issue will be cable routing since the cable exits the rear of the shifter and the Hammer exits the front. My cable will need to make it's loop inside the car the way I have the console. I need to make a decision soon before they forget their promise :)

Have to go make pancakes and sausage for all the kids that slept over last night. No, this isn't Neverland! ;) ... but it is a ZOO!   Later, Scooter

Here's a picture of the car TODAY - New Year's Day 2005
christmas04-04.jpg (50224 bytes)

As you can see she's sitting at the far end of the garage with her friends, quietly begging for attention. You can catch a glimpse of a finished door panel behind it. I took down the Outdoor Christmas decorations today and they're laying there waiting to be placed back in their boxes for the next 10 months.

I'm adding five new 4-bulb 4-foot florescent lighting units to the garage (another 800 watts of lighting) for light therapy and to work on my tan before summer. You can't have too much light and I found the units (used) with bulbs for $10/each. I'm also going to do a major garage cleaning tomorrow once the car has been placed  in the air.

I got garage furniture for Christmas this year! You could pick up this 3-piece set with a bar stool, roller stool and creeper at the local Checker Auto Parts for just $27 complete! How can they do that? My less than subtle hint to my wife was basically worded "If you're not going to buy this then tell me now because I don't want to pass up this deal".

christmas04-01.jpg (36022 bytes)

christmas04-02.jpg (6677 bytes) I also scored some new garage slippers to take the place of my embarrassing old ones. As you can see, I spend a LOT of time in the garage!

The old ones hit the trash barrel today and the new ones feel SO comfy on the cool garage floor.

After an unfortunate incident that my daughter had involving a soft drink and my keyboard, a replacement was in order (if I ever wanted to use the spacer bar or capitalize anything) so here's a photo of the keyboard and mouse I found under the tree. I'm using them right now.

christmas04-03.jpg (8447 bytes)

I also got some socks for Christmas but I didn't take a picture of them :)

Anyway, with the new garage furniture, slippers and a keyboard to write Project33 updates... I'm ready to get back in there and get this thing finished and RUNNING!

Even though it seems like the car is finished to most of you - it's not. There are still a lot of Articles to cover the past progress and there'll be a bunch more to cover all the finish work that's planned over the next couple months. So hang in there and thanks for sticking around!


Have a GREAT 2005 and we'll see you on the road!


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