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Want to know what's up with Project 33? This area is updated monthly to let you know where we're at with the project. The latest Articles are featured in the What's New? area of this site and are in reverse chronological order. To follow the build up  from "day 1", go to the From the Start link and keep clicking on "Next Article". To view Articles on a particular subject, use the Search option of this site with the area you wish to explore as your keyword.

  01- 22- 02 Update

WOW! it's already 2002, how time flies! This project is 2 years and 4 months old and currently (as of 01/22/02) has 1376 build-up photos and 269 Articles! It will be interesting to see how many Articles and pictures the site contains when the car is completed.

What's happening with the car?
It seems like everything is moving slowly now because of the roll cage. As you can see, there isn't a roll cage and that's a story in itself. I've contacted countless local chassis builders who make cages for sprint cars and drag cars. Every one of them (those who returned contact) said they're either too busy or not interested. I'm beginning to take it personally - maybe I need a breath mint! :)

Without the cage there's so many things that have to be put on "hold". For instance, the dash board can't be completed, the seats can't be installed and the shifter can't be installed until I know where the seats will be. The fuel tank will be tied to the roll cage for support (and safety) and the seat belts will also mount to the cage. The list goes on and on because it's the largest piece in the interior of the car and everything fits around it.

I'll keep searching but I was hoping to fine someone local and it doesn't look good right now. I'll be posting an article soon with my "plans" for the cage. Right now plans are all I have.

Once again - where does the time go?
When I started this project I was shooting for a maximum of 3 years from start to finish. Now I'm wondering what kind of drugs I was on to come up with that projection. Large shops can easily put out a couple cars a year. One guy with no job other than to build a car can usually finish one in a year or two.

I'm just an average guy with a family of five and a full time job, who's trying to pursue his hobby in the minimal "spare time" that's left. Also consuming that "spare time" is an occasional home remodeling or carpentry project for my wife and kids. Then, late at night when I'm brain dead and totally drained... I write car buildup Articles and post them to the web (it probably shows). Sleep? who needs sleep?

If only life were like the fairy tale "The Elves & The Shoemaker" by the brothers Grimm, I could walk out in the garage some morning and see a running car that's painted and ready for an interior. Of course the naked elves would have to go!

Speaking of "Working out" in the garage...
My New Years resolution is to get back in shape. I spend way too much time these days sitting in front of a computer. I've started an exercise routine of sit-ups, crunches and pushups in hope of attaining those ever elusive "abs of steel" by spring. Wish me luck - I'll need it! 

Of course now I also have to find the time to work out in my "spare time". Maybe I should start doing my work out while I work out in the garage...


Have a great New Year!

Battery curls might be good way of working out in the garage - literally.

Just kidding - I don't think I'll do battery curls ...and no, that's not a high paid body builder in a Flaming River T-shirt ;)

(actually, when I took this photo I was starting to wonder if the self timer was ever going to go off!)

As always... thanks for visiting and keep the shiny side up!


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