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  02/14/07 Update   - It's about time!

I've broken the record!
This is the longest I've ever gone between Progress Editorial Updates. I spent the past few months NOT working on the car, so there isn't much to write about, even now, so instead I'll update you on what *has* been going on in my life over the last couple months.

To start with, JJ has been replaced by a 1997 VW Passat (named Dieter) that although it looks great (leather, sun roof, perfect body and clean) is isn't half the car the Honda was and doesn't get nearly the same gas mileage.

Our two oldest daughters have switched schools again and are now living together and attending the same college. I'm SO looking forward to the day there's no tuition payments! Maybe then I can get some new pants.

I spent all my "free time" before the holidays working on the kitchen and main floor bathroom. I installed a granite counter top and tile back splash in the kitchen and totally gutted and remodeled a bathroom just off the kitchen.

My wife wants new stainless appliances but I'm reluctant to change what we have. Stainless probably won't be the hot thing some day and I don't think she'd like the finger prints - she's a (Dutch) clean freak. The white works and it's paid for, so it's going to stay for a while.

This was my first time working with granite. Laying granite is one of those things that they say the average guy shouldn't try. I really don't see what the fuss is all about. It was easy to install and other than needing five guys to lift one of the pieces into place, went in place with little effort.

I didn't cut and polish the granite. That's the part that requires some expertise and a few expensive tools to accomplish. I did however make my own templates and design the layout. The granite was cut and polished in China and shipped to us in a huge wooden crate, which we cut up and burned as firewood. The back splash originated in India and Pakistan. What a small world it's become.

The bathroom received its own piece of granite and a copper sink. The workmanship on the sink is incredible! I was told that companies setup entire villages in South America and bring in the best metal craftsmen from the area to live and work there with their families. They say they pay a good wage for that area and they're given a decent place to live as part of the deal. I'm sure it's nothing like the wage a US worker would get for the same job. They're able to sell a one-off sink like this one for $250 and that includes shipping and the retailer's markup! I wonder how long it takes to make one of these. Think what the guy who hammered this piece could do with a fender.

For Christmas we joined the new millenium and purchased a 46" LCD TV for our family room. We'd been watching a 25" regular TV that belonged to my wife's parents before they passed away (we had a 19" before that) so this was quite a switch!

We subscribed to the High Definition channels and spent the first few weeks staring at it, mesmerized like deer in the headlights. I guess that's partly to blame for the lack of progress on the project in January :)

So with all the home remodeling and new TV, my wife and kids are happy - for now anyway.

Free time is getting more and more limited these days. I'm either shoveling snow or working on websites. My business ( has doubled every year since it's inception in 2002 so you can usually find me at my desk, feverishly working. I'm truly blessed that I get to do what I love and can make a living at it. Many are not so lucky.

I've been asked to represent EtechGlobal in on a Round Table Discussion at the Hot Rod and Restoration show in Indianapolis the beginning of March. If you're at the show, look me up! Project33 was in that show in 2005, just after we got it running. I'll take pictures of this year's cars and post them in the March Update - I promise!.


Until next time, Keep the sunny side up



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