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Want to know what's up with Project 33? This area is updated monthly to let you know where we're at with the project. The latest Articles are featured in the What's New? area of this site and are in reverse chronological order. To follow the build up  from "day 1", go to the From the Start link and keep clicking on "Next Article". To view Articles on a particular subject, use the Search option of this site with the area you wish to explore as your keyword.

  07/19/04 Update - IT'S PURPLE!!!


The body and most of the parts (oops, forgot to paint the hood braces) are now one nice shiny color. I couldn't be happier - the car looks like it was dipped in liquid metal. The best analogy I've heard so far is that it looks like a Christmas Tree Ornament.

The PPG rep was on hand for the entire paint process (over 12 hours) and was a huge help.  He mixed product and was a great "teacher". He added a sense of calm to the whole ordeal and helped with anything that needed to be done. I'm looking forward to sharing what we learned about the PPG products we used and some of the tips to getting a first-class finish.

If I thought I was busy before - there's only 90 days until SEMA! This week will be spent rubbing out the frame and getting the garage in order for final assembly.

The finish looks a mile and a half deep! There will be very little final wet sanding and buffing needed. Bravo Bodyman Bob!

The parts are being stored in the safest place I know of... our bedroom.

We have a small sitting room adjacent to the master suite that seldom gets used - we don't sit around much - so the parts have been laid out in it for safe keeping. This is where they'll stay until they're buffed and installed.

My wife is so understanding!

The small "spot" on the side of the hood scoop is a reflection of me taking the picture :)

The paint takes on different colors and shades in different lighting. There's roughly 32 ounces of powdered pearl in every gallon.

The flames will happen in a couple weeks. This is really starting to get exciting!

Articles will follow as I find time. Progress has been happening a little faster than I can write about it. Thanks for your patience.


Until next time - Keep the shiny side up!


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