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Want to know what's up with Project 33? This area is updated monthly to let you know where we're at with the project. The latest Articles are featured in the What's New? area of this site and are in reverse chronological order. To follow the build up  from "day 1", go to the From the Start link and keep clicking on "Next Article". To view Articles on a particular subject, use the Search option of this site with the area you wish to explore as your keyword.

  09/13/05 Update

Let's do something different this month! How about a virtual visit of the 2005 Watertown, SD Rod Run? (AKA Kampeska Kampout at Lake Kampeska)

Before I share my Watertown Rod Run photos with you let me tell you the good news! Project33 is running again!!!

At 7:31 this morning she fired up for the first time since the transmission was pulled. I still need to bleed the brakes and put a seat in it (child's play) before it hits the streets again. I can't wait!

Watertown 2005

50 photos on one page is a lot but I think you'll agree, it's worth the wait to load. What an event!  It's a 3-day event and campout however Ken and I went up just for the day on Saturday. We made sure to get there in time for the world famous Garage Tour we've heard so much about.

At 9 AM they loaded six big school busses with attendees and visited two professional street rod shops and three private garages. I'm not going to share the names of the private parties in case they'd rather not have everyone know who they are or what they own.

The first stop was a privately owned ORIGINAL 1938 Sinclair service station (and Ice Cream Parlor next door). Too cool!

1watertown05L.jpg (67966 bytes)
I can't believe this shop has never been butchered or remodeled! What a find - only in the Midwest. The inside and large windows are still original 1938.
2watertown05L.jpg (52362 bytes)
4watertown05.jpg (18690 bytes) The station even has the original wooden hoist tracks . Looks like they were probably hard to work around. There isn't much open space.
Nice touch! They even served Sinclair Dinosaur cookies! There was a large dinosaur outside as well as Sinclair globe top pumps and the original sign. 3watertown05.jpg (16395 bytes)
5watertown05.jpg (19600 bytes) Even the office was original. The roll-over "Ding" bell was a novelty for the kids... ever jump on those as a kid? Ah the memories...
Next stop was Laven's Hot Rod Shop. Watertown should be named Hotrodtown! This little town supports two professional street rod builders.

There were some nice projects underway like the woody in the background and some custom bikes.

6watertown05.jpg (16371 bytes)
7watertown05L.jpg (54704 bytes)
8watertown05L.jpg (54870 bytes)
I'm a sucker for a 33-34 highboy and this 5-window is going to be one sweet ride!
10watertown05.jpg (20558 bytes) The little flattie will be sporting four carbs. and some vintage (and current) performance goodies.
The polished Buick drums behind the ET spokes looks awesome. In the rear there was a quick-change and tail lights similar to what I'm running. 11watertown05.jpg (21918 bytes)
9watertown05.jpg (19028 bytes) There was a 33 (or 34?) Mopar 5-window coupe with a blown BDS Hemi. That bugcatcher looks familiar :)

The next stop was a private garage with a hot rod bar in the back. This Vette was parked out front.

12watertown05L.jpg (55742 bytes)
Next it was on to Gribble's Lake City Rod & Custom (Randy Gribble installed my king pins) to see what's taking shape there.

There was a long row of cars to look at outside and a bunch of new creations inside.

watertown2.jpg (19505 bytes)
13watertown05L.jpg (44234 bytes)
Everything from Hot Rods to Lead Sleds are taking shape inside. This is a neat little (and long) 36 Ford. Oh daddyoh!
14watertown05L.jpg (53156 bytes)
15watertown05.jpg (20833 bytes) 18watertown05.jpg (19927 bytes)
16watertown05.jpg (20213 bytes) 17watertown05.jpg (18833 bytes)
19watertown05.jpg (17595 bytes) There were a lot of projects underway including a new Dearborn Deuce Convertible and some unique nostalgic stuff but you had to look up above in the loft and on the walls to see some of the coolest stuff!
20watertown05L.jpg (49856 bytes)
21watertown05L.jpg (52023 bytes)
Our last stop was another private garage that was full of vintage motorcycles and hot rods. The crowds made it hard to take pictures but I did get some nice close-up shots of the rides parked out front, like this traditional style 32 roadster.
22watertown05L.jpg (72206 bytes)

I couldn't share these photos without showing you the car I rode up in. This is Ken Jump's 48 Chevy. What a comfortable ride. You can see the lake in the background. It's a great place for a rod run.
23watertown05L.jpg (61238 bytes)
Contrary to popular belief, Ken actually does work ;)

I caught him in action to prove it!

24watertown05.jpg (19065 bytes)
There was a Show & Shine in downtown Watertown immediately following the Garage Tour. What a turnout! Several city blocks were filled with rows of cars. I'm protecting the guy in the photo's identity in case he was supposed to be somewhere else that day :)
30watertown05L.jpg (58598 bytes)
Surfboards in South Dakota?? We only surf the web around here :)
25watertown05L.jpg (62887 bytes)
Golden Hawks are sooo cool!  Dig that 160mph speedo.
26watertown05L.jpg (47107 bytes)
27watertown05.jpg (20054 bytes) The teal and white really popped on this little deuce. The wide whites, a white top insert and and Radar wheels really looked sharp.
I used to have one of these. A `62 Corvair Rampside, except mine was red. There's no better vehicle for moving large appliances - or freaking out passengers when you pull up close to something. 28watertown05.jpg (18296 bytes)
29watertown05.jpg (12535 bytes) Hey! That was my idea! :)

Either a Project33 follower or great minds think alike ;)

31watertown05L.jpg (60447 bytes)
Can you say "straight"? And black to boot! Amazing what you can do with a six-foot sanding block :)
32watertown05L.jpg (64866 bytes)
She's real fine.
33watertown05L.jpg (68416 bytes)
Oh yeah, that's what I'm talkin about.
34watertown05L.jpg (65969 bytes)
There are lotsa holes and louvers ventilating this South Dakota ride.
35watertown05L.jpg (59832 bytes)
This little Chevelle would sure look good in my driveway.
36watertown05.jpg (21182 bytes) 38watertown05.jpg (19067 bytes)
There was something for everyone at the show. The 34 sedan was the most unique color I've seen in a while. Is it yellow or orange? I think I'll call it yellange. 37watertown05.jpg (20004 bytes)
39watertown05L.jpg (60732 bytes)
This was one of my favorite cars at the event. The guy looking inside is on his knees! That's Norm Fey's front wheel drive Cadillac in the bacground below.
40watertown05L.jpg (57813 bytes)
The car belongs to Gary Gonyo who must be all of six foot tall at least. The roof is removable but doesn't lift for entry so he had to prove he could get in and out to a few non-believers. It's tight! This 30mpg car has a Chevy S10 4 cylinder/5-speed drivetrain so he's clutch'n and shift'n in there too! It sure looks like fun though, once you're in it! 48watertown05.jpg (16839 bytes)
41watertown05.jpg (20683 bytes)
This one caused a stir. As much as I like the "rat rod" or "old school" rodz, I think there should be some safety rules in place before they kill themselves or someone else and give hot rodders a bad name.
The rear suspension was clamped to the frame (not even round U-bolts) and there was NO FLOOR. In fact you can see one of the cushions they sit on.

The sharp metal behind the passenger's heads could make a real nice scalp scraper.

42watertown05.jpg (15454 bytes)
43watertown05.jpg (19218 bytes) The dash has been cut out to activate the brakes (rear only) and with no room for a gas pedal it is now hand operated using the front shift lever.

The battery was not tied down and you can see the street below.

Has crudeness gone too far?

Back at the camp grounds just in time for the pork feed. They boiled the sweet corn "street rod style" using huge propane blow torches. It was great!
44watertown05L.jpg (33290 bytes)
What a nice place for an event! The weather was great although a little windy, the food was great and so were the people.

I heard there were about 400 cars. It was a well run event and I'm certain I'll be there next year  - WITH MY CAR! :)

45watertown05.jpg (18403 bytes)
47watertown05.jpg (6894 bytes) Another South Dakota sunset out the passenger window of Ken's `48 on the way back home. The end of a perfect day.

South Dakota is Lakota for "Land of the street rod" :)

46watertown05L.jpg (69898 bytes)
This was a relatively fresh car. Around here we drive em!


Until next time, Keep the shiny side up!


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