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Want to know what's up with Project 33? This area is updated monthly to let you know where we're at with the project. The latest Articles are featured in the What's New? area of this site and are in reverse chronological order. To follow the build up  from "day 1", go to the From the Start link and keep clicking on "Next Article". To view Articles on a particular subject, use the Search option of this site with the area you wish to explore as your keyword.

11- 5- 00 Update
Street Rodding in the Face of Adversity

Project33 11/5/00

What a year!
Avid visitors to this site may have noticed that there wasn't an October update for this page. In fact, lets pretend October, 2000 never existed.

It's been said that God never places more burdens on you than you can handle. All I have to say is "you can quit now". I wonder how much more I can endure sometimes. Within the last 4 months we have buried my wife's mom & dad and closed our family business among other things. I know that everything will all work out but it's been a lot to absorb in a relatively short period of time. Fortunately the closing of our bike shop has afforded me more time to spend with my family.

While Project33 is still under construction, the progress has been slowed greatly by all this adversity. Still, late at night when everyone's in bed, I'll sneak away to the garage to tinker on the car or make plans. It helps me relax and put things into perspective. Car Therapy.

The Engine is almost Finished!
P33 Motor!Sehr Performance has been working on the motor lately. Just in case anyone is thinking "wow, how long does it take them to build a motor?" I had better clear things up. I told Scott Sehr to put my motor on "hold" through the racing season. They keep real busy doing race motors and I wasn't going to need mine until fall or maybe winter.

To make sure I relay all the engine building information to you correctly, I take a small tape recorder with me along with my Nikon 990 digital camera and record the entire build up. Here's where the problem lies... building a motor is about a day project. Writing 1-million Articles about the entire build up with photos and text explaining why and how everything is done takes MUCH more than a day! With all that's been happening lately, I've fallen a bit behind.

Air Sucking Gap! Even though the engine is almost finished I haven't picked it up yet because Sehr Performance is doing a little necessary "Custom" work. This photo shows how the blower intake manifold positioned on the head. Note the large air-sucking gap. The ports on the Brodix heads are WAY larger than the ports on the BDS intake. Sehr has been building up the manifold with weld to cover the gap and will be port-matching it so flow isn't restricted. This alone has been a lengthy process but I will cover that also as I find time to write. On the plus side, with these changes and a few others we had to make (sorry - can't tell!) we now predict the engine will dish out over 740hp - and still on pump gas!

The T-shirts:

With the closing of our bike shop, we will only be able to accept credit cards until the end of November unless we find a credit card processor that doesn't charge a monthly fee. I'm sure I'll never sell enough T-shirts in any given month to cover a monthly charge. Until then you can still visit the T-Shirt Order Page  and use your credit card. After November it will be "send a check, I'll send a shirt" ordering.

You can read my past ramblings from previous months (but not October!) by clicking the Links below.

Keep the shiny side up!



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